Hotel "Soa" is located in the centre of Žabljak, at 1450 meters above sea level with a view of Mount Durmitor. Zabljak is situated in the north of Montenegro, and thanks to its beautiful natural resources is one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in the Balkans. Natural parks, rivers, lakes, canyons and mountains are the distinguishing marks of the Municipality of Žabljak. The town of Žabljak is geographically the gateway to the Durmitor National Park and the Tara River, two of the most important and known attractions of the entire Balkan region. 
What one could say about ancient place of rest for Gods? Those Gods from Durmitor as well as those from Olympus were always aspiring to the skies and heights .When someone is looking aloft to the highest peaks of this mountain, it really seems as if Earth is touching the sky and that bluish colour of the sky is resting on mighty shoulders of Durmitor .The names of its stone and cogged peaks ,which people from Durmitor are calling "Soe nebeske" or "Soe bozije", serve to prop up the heavens